Laser Cosmetic TreatmentsFor years, both women and men have struggled with a way to maintain their youthfulness, reduce and even in some cases eliminate unwanted body hair and have perfect skin. At MNHC Naturopathic & Medispa Clinic we are pleased to offer a wide range of laser cosmetic treatments on a variety of skin types and skin tones that are designed to make you feel wonderful both on the inside and out.

We specialize in offering safe, painless alternatives which require fewer treatments for patients who are looking for:

Our staff have undergone extensive training in the use of laser and IPL for cosmetic and medical applications to ensure safe, comfortable and successful treatments for our patients. To learn more about the benefits of laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation please feel free to contact Dr. Diana and the team at the MNHC Naturopathic & Medispa Clinic for a consultation.